Farragut Chess Club
The Farragut Christian Church
138 Admiral Road, Knoxville, TN 37922.

LESSON MATERIAL: (right-click and "save target as")

Basic "Let's Play Chess";
Chess Notation;
Openings Opening Guide;
Tarrasch's Development Count;
Scholar's Mate;
Colle System - Alekhine-Koehnlein,1908;
Giuoco Piano (4.c3 and the Moeller Attack);
Giuoco Piano (Attacking f7; Lange-Lampert, 1903);
Some Traps in the Three Knights Opening;
Evans' Gambit - Introduction;
Fried Liver Intro (Plus Traxler Counterattack);
Fried Liver (Pratt-Wolford); plus extra Fried Liver (Morphy-NN, 1858);
Introduction to the Ruy Lopez;
Introduction to the Belgrade Gambit;
Introduction to the Danish Gambit;

Middlegames Middlegame Guide;
Middlegame Analysis;
Endings Endgame Guide;
Introduction to Endgames;
Introduction to Pawn Endings;
Stalemate Possibilities;
Introduction Queen v. Pawn Endings
Games The "Evergreen Game" NEW!
Byrne-Fischer, 1956
Westbrook-Snow, 2003

Tactics &
Using Pieces
Elementary Checkmates;
Common Checkmating Patterns;
The Bishop Pair;
Bad Bishops 1; Bad Bishops 2;Two Games with Bishop Pairs; NEW!
Opposite Colored Bishops; NEW!

FCC Scoresheet;
Gift Ideas;